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I de clair busy

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 02, 2008 10:54 PM click pop! I noticed the samsung black jack and how the keys look like an HP calculator and how if rotated 90 degrees and everyother collum of keys removed a full featured qwerty keyboard could fit on a device the size of the blackjack if it folded like a clam shell. Also there are switches that use a tumbler weel like inbetween the left and right mouse keys that also can select a scrolled choice when depresed. Using such a swich feature a row of keys could be placed on as small of board of 4" by 7" in a " V " shape. To access other rows on the keyboard the tumbler weel would be rolled up or down. A touch pad could be placed like " super-mans " escutchen just above. These designs would allow smaller applications of lap top devices (if they could be called that once reduced to that size). Thumb straps could be used to allow portable typing. However, one would have to place there fingers close together and may want to rest there elbows on an arm rest if they were like one who has a relish for conversation. And while more usefull than hunt and peck, would probably lend itself to fatigue.


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