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The perfect case for a challenge to the Supreme Court vs software patents (all cards in Texas Hold'e

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on March 01, 2008 01:18 PM

<a href="">Barracuda Networks Asks For Help Finding Prior Art to Defend ClamAV - Updated 3Xs</a>

The case where the defendent is being sued by Trend Micro for patent infringement BECAUSE
they are using ClamAV in their "hardware device" style product... IS THE PERFECT CASE to take to the Supreme Court vs software patents. Software is software... and once the math is introduced in this case, then it will apply to all software (software is software... it is all math)!

All the elements are there. 1st it is about an anti-virus open source product. Viruses are the most prime example of software that is all about math. You can not separate in the mind of anyone how anti-virus works against a virus... it is all math. Math is something that thru the ages every society has had depended on the non-proprietary state of Math.

Where there is a comment in that section that relates to using this case as a "take it to the Supreme Court" case, is made by a comment in that article:

<a href="">Security, DRM too is the topic, bring in all the "bigger questions". So, "ALL IN" Texas holdem!</a>

What else is there to say....

Send in your stuff as requested.... SOFTWARE PATENTS need to go away... the sooner the better. The UK Court of Appeal has already made steps in ruling toward clarifying the issue by ruling in two different cases against both software and business method patents. For an article about the software patent ruling see:
<a href="">Appeal court ruling sets marker on UK software patents | The Register</a>

It is time for the rest of the world to wake up as well.




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