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OpenProj: good software, but needs documentation

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 27, 2008 09:06 PM
(I agree about the lack of formatting in comment posts) Mr anonymous, related to Joe's response. I *agree* that project management ability has little to do with the tools you use...look at my comments (if you can make out the formatting). I also agree that this has little bearing on the quality of the review, which I thought was good. Good quality reviews require a lot of work and it's rarely appreciated. My response to you was from specific parts of your response to me "Work harder!....I hope you're not a project manager." which has little bearing on anything I said, so I clarified those specific points. Note *am an not the first anonymous post*. I suspect that's where your confusion lies (I didn't recognize this before this post, so I apologize for not making this explicit....another job of the good project manager - making hidden assumptions and ambiguities explicit). The response previous to that was in response to Joe's question on my opinion on the difference between open source and corporate project management. Hopefully everything is clear now so we can all move on.


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