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For GNOME CD burning, viva Brasero

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 27, 2008 03:34 AM
Brasero is interesting. Gnomebaker is a lot better though. Gnomebaker is at least similar to capabilities when lightly compared to k3b. Gnomebaker on the other hand still can't do that much more than brasero anyway. Who these days would stick with using serpentine for burning media that from this review appears to only be audio cd's and nothing else. Wow, serpentine sounds pretty useless for burning anything other than audio cd's, and burning everything but audio cd's is generally what people do these days (serpentine according to this review use to be the default media burner?). Gnome needs to pick up the ball, and get out some real time burning software. Talk about lacking very bad in an a specific area of gnome where all other areas of gnome are covered very good.

Who cares about the extra dependencies when installing k3b, those are easily resolved (even rpm based distros can resolve dependencies now), and k3b in gnome is not that much slower than running it in kde. Porting k3b to gnome would certainly fix the problem of having an actually useful and good media burner for the gnome desktop. Everyone knows this isn't going to happen though, unless somebody who knows how to port starts on this idea. The idea of using a desktop environment's native applications is a novel and addictive habit. But, when a desktop environment has some lacking software? You can bite the bullet and install some software from another desktop environment's software suite (everyone eventually does it some time). Or you can suck hard with the mediocrity from said desktop environment's currently lacking program.

Also what's with the idea that ubuntu's main choice of desktop environment is ubuntu? Unfortunately people who grab ubuntu who happen to be those first time "nix" (sometimes even more experienced users do this too) users don't do there studying and just grab only one of the choices offered by ubuntu which happens to be the one called ubuntu. There is gnome based ubuntu, kubuntu if you want kde as the default desktop, xubuntu if you like xfce for the desktop, etc. Just install k3b if you need more out of brasero than what it currently can't provide no matter what your desktop environment.


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