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OpenProj: good software, but needs documentation

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 26, 2008 11:41 AM
The first red flag is the CPAL. This is like the Zimbra ZPL/YPL and it is not helping them right now. Zimbra is being threatened right now by a hostile
buyout offer from Microsoft through their attempt to purchase Yahoo. Microsoft can/will kill the project and no one will be willing to continue it under a
different banner because the trademarked logo is married to every single page throught the application and cannot be removed/replaced due to the license.
You cannot replace the trademarked logo so no forking unless you are willing to leave the logo and link to their website even if they become defunct or devoured by Microsoft.
This is why it is known as *badgeware* and the CPAL promotes the undermining of the spirit of FOSS.
No one will continue the project if this happens and what this means that any CPAL/badgeware license you chose does not offer the protection of longevity if the project
dies or is gobbled up by MS or other entity.


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