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Re: typical linux junk

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 26, 2008 11:35 AM
I dont think that Kino is worse than Win MovieMaker. Yes MovieMaker has timeline but doesnt have this exeptionally good keyboard editing support (take Kino-Help and look "keyboard shortcuts" and you can edit your movies 2 times faster than with mouse clicking-dragging) and Movie Maker rendering is really top of the crap quality. So unfortunately Movie Maker turns your nice timeline work useless as it renders very low-quality final result. In Kino you can use best codecs available in OpenSource.
KdenLive is good but till now it has rendering problems. On my Gutsy editing is OK but if i render mpeg2 for DVD it will generate mpg2 file with errors on it because DVD with this file is not playing with standard Philips DVD player. If I render timeline to DV format or other (to convert it after) it generates file with aspect ratio errors. So if you cannot render the software is useless. I hope with next releases kdenlive will be much better.
Conclusion - for simple, fast editing Kino is one of the best software - it is really extremely quick and quite stable.


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