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Re: Get rid of stows

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 24, 2008 04:36 PM
In response to Michael who favors building packages: I try to minimize my dependence on any particular packaging system or distro-specific feature. I don't even want to invest valuable time in learning how to build RPM or Debian packages, because that knowledge is not portable.

I use my distro's packages to install a bare-bones system, and then install network services and security-sensitive software from their original developers' source code. It's somewhat more work, but it means if I need an update I don't have to hope for and wait for my distro to supply it. It also means that my installation of, say, Samba, has the behavior and layout described by Samba's own documentation, and by non-distro-specific aftermarket Samba books. My skills are relevant to any distro, not just the one I happen to be using today.

Building my own packages would be much more work for me, and would only reduce my flexibility.

I personally don't run into a need for something like Stow very often, but it certainly serves a real purpose and I'm glad to know about it; it's going in my toolbox for sure.


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