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Re: Sabayon Linux: Something for everyone

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 24, 2008 11:09 AM
that is why i prefer sabayon, i have a bleeding edge intel and I want to play games using the intergrated video card, pclinuxos failed to give workable preformance, sabayon installed everything automatically and the i686 optimisations did my dual core a real treat. While in beta that I used proved more usable than anything else, i could do my work, run windows apps, use the best programs, (some crash without avaliable swap space?) compile my own darkplaces engine (enhanced quake1), mod it out, have a few rounds, save my work and save all my files and settings onto a 1gig flashdisk (hdd? peh!). Excellent. Looks good, runs well. Versitile and so easy to use your grandma can use it. Once the bugs are smoothed out this OOTB experience will be my only distro after testing distros for years and years. Thank you Sabayon! keep up the good work.


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