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Re: Single shot HDR

Posted by: Nathan Willis on February 22, 2008 06:04 PM
I don't think you're getting how these techniques work. With exposure fusion, there is no such thing as "bright exposures are too bright" -- with any set of bracketed exposures, the most exposed frames will have overexposed regions and the least exposed frames will have underexposed regions -- obviously; the algorithm recognizes which frames are overexposed and which are underexposed, and eliminates them from the composite image. That's the whole point. And the example image is not intended to produce an "eye pleasing" result, but to demonstrate that the exposure fusion technique in Enfuse can correctly identify the regions of each frame to use so that the composite image has both highlight detail (text in the LCD screen), and shadow detail (shelf items in the back wall, and beneath the monitor). Regardless of any one person's opinion on the subjective pleasantness of any particular exposure, the technique allows you to combine a set of multiple exposures that collectively cover far more dynamic range than you can capture in a single shot. RAW processing is about correctly bringing out the detail in each exposure; it doesn't change the dynamic range captured in the exposure and cannot bring out more data than is actually there. Combining multiple exposures can. -- Nate


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