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Proper Cascading Menus Missing on GNU/Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 22, 2008 01:33 AM
The Current DE's have yet, even up to today, to build properly working cascading menus. Menus/Toolbars such that have been an integral part of MS Windows since the Active Desktop in Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 4 and are still today available to Vista users. Missing is such basic functionality as right-click context menus and the ability to browse CD's and all other external media/places including your entire Network-Neighborhood, and users shared files. One menu can be setup to menu-browse the entire computer and Network. All these work smoothly and you can even play files on the Network without issue. KDE (which purports to be Windows user friendly) has, and never has had, any of these functions working properly. You can't menu-browse to to external media because they exist in the non-existent media: or network: directories which can't be linked to. KDE, instead of copying this functionality and improving on it by fixing the obvious flaws they have now gone on this wacky widget tangent. This simple defect keeps many people from adopting GNU/Linux as their default desktop environment. So, stop complaining about the things you have little or no control over like that hardware vendors don't support Linux well enough. There is enough that are available now to get the job done. What isn't ready though, that you do, in fact, have total control over, is the Desktop Environment. The Windows core work-flow concepts and tools are longstanding and have become second nature to a HUGE number of computer users who have no intention learning whatever mindless brainchild you DE developers are trying to foist upon them. Failing to give people what they want and expect from their desktop will relegate the GNU/Linux desktop market-share struggle to a long road to hoe. The very fact that Vista was such a piece of crap and there wasn't a mass exodus to GNU/Linux should give you people pause to consider that you're screwing up somewhere. Bad! What should be particularly troubling to you is that people a ripping GNU/Linux off of pre loaded OEM computers like the EEEpc and the OLPC and putting Windows on them. To them, your offering sucks bad enough to go though the effort to get rid of you. I'd say you've missed your mark by a wide margin. You don't have to blow everybody's hair back with innovative concepts to succeed on the end users desktop. Just keep it simple and familiar. In that, you are failing miserably.Imitate, first, then innovate.


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