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Watch out for ext3

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 18, 2008 06:18 AM
I learnt the hard way that there is no 'simple' undelete on ext3 filesystems.

I'm posting this to make others aware. For example, if you accidentially delete a directory, don't assume that you will be able to recover most of it - or any of it at all.

The behaviour is different than ext2, and other filesystems you may have encountered like FAT and NTFS where you had a fighting chance of getting most or all of it back as long as you didn't write to the partition.

In my case, I deleted a user in the Webmin admin interface. For some reason which I haven't figured out, the /home/ directory was deleted. Talk about a sick feeling...

The tools in the article allow you to recover files by detecting their content, which is a lifesaver in some cases, but didn't help me.


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