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Re: Trend Micro patent claim provokes software community, leads to boycott

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 14, 2008 10:00 PM
This is the biggest misconception on the planet. Most computer users NEVER use "free" software. They use what came with the computer and anything they might have added to it, or what their work puts on it. The point of the entire FOSS movement is to CHANGE that.

My computer here has:

Windows XP
Office 2003
Acrobat Pro
Symantec AV
and a few other odds and ends that have support contracts from the vendors

None of this is on here because I *want* it on here, it's on here because my employers put it on here. I also work DoD space, that's about 8,000 computers at my location which has zero free software on it.

My home computer, doesn't have much differant:

Windows XP
Office 2003
World Of Warcraft =)
Symantec AV (Provided by work)
iTunes (I have an iPod)

I can't stand GiMP, Open Office is still slow and bloated, but I do have Firefox because it meets my needs. I don't run Linux because I like playing video games, and wine/whatever still isn't there yet so not even a consideration.

When the FOSS alternatives exceed the commercial versions like Firefox did, you'll be able to say everyone uses it, but for now it's still a very SMALL percentage of the computer world using it.

I'd love for that to change sooner than later, but when big companies have millions to throw it the problem vs a small team of developers doing something in their spare time, it will continue to be an uphill battle.

Now if you want to talk servers, sure that's a totally differant story =)


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