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Re: SAM Linux Desktop shows promise

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 13, 2008 10:37 AM
>Is it difficult/a pain to make desktop configuration changes in Xfce to remove the dock and clock extras (example) that are at the top of the screen in the screenshot ?
Not at all. There's a submenu in Settings where you can alter the wbar and the applets easily. You can also just remove them from the autostarted programs in about three clicks from the Xfce menu.

>Also, these so-called lighter weight distros never give minimum system hardware requirements. What are they for Sam (guesstimate)?
The lighter-weight ones usually don't have very specific requirements; usually you can judge them by the window manager they use. Xfce, which SAM uses, requires something in the 128 MB RAM category, and pretty much any processor above a 486 will do (if I recall right).

>Been looking for a distro that has a better, more complete desktop than the overly minimal DSL or Puppy Linux's that will run on much older hardware.
It's a really brilliant distro. I use it as my main distro on a fairly modern laptop just to keep it snappy, but it's definitely geared somewhat toward older hardware, and beats every other Xfce-based distro I've tried hands-down.


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