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Gosh, gOS dowload takes too long --- pick another Ubuntu/Debian based desktop Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 13, 2008 08:28 AM
They need to get the download sorted out --- all the links to mirrors didn't work, the torrent (argh !) worked and that was as slow as treacle, at the moment it is showing over 6 hours to complete the download, I have a fast web connection and normally I can download bigger Linux ISO in 15 minutes. Update now 22 minutes into the download ---- expect time to finish is now 9 hours !!! --- I give up.

This OS is supposed to be backed unofficially by Google --- what are they playing at no wonder only 25,000 copies have been download (13/Feb/08)

The web has lots of good free Linux/Solaris/BSD versions available on much quicker hosts --- If you want a good Debian/Ubuntu based distro for desktop use by a noobie download Mint Linux or Mepis. You will have either downloaded up and running and installed to hard disk within 30 minutes.


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