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Absolute Linux is an absolute winner

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 12, 2008 07:14 PM
I started with a p3 450 and a 128mb inside, and a 8 g. hd, and tried several linux distro's, just for fun.
DSL worked, DSL-n also, Puppy linux and Feather Linux worked, and the rest didn't.
No Zenwalk, Gentoo, etc etc.Livecd worked, but i don't like those...
Because i was new to the subject, every time i tried to install a "big" linux distro i did'nt could make it to work.
Although DSl and others worked, i didn't liked the layout and the hassle to make it visual good looking.
I then installed Absolute 12, and i was working with it in 20 minutes.
It lookes good, and i can easely understand how it works(the apps, that is!).
Still have problems understanding Linux, but thats a challenge.
Mind you, windows xp runs also easy on the old pc, with the same specs, but is taking to much space .
So i am happy with Absolute. I can do what i also do with mij other pc, thats a p4 2,6 with 1024mb, downlading music and listen to it.
Surfing, mail, and writing with openoffice installed.
You see, i am not a IT worker, i am a admin manager.
So, i want a system that is easy to work on and looks good.
The old pc has a purpose again, and I there for think that Absolute is a good product.
With regards,
Frits( the Netherlands, Zoetermeer).


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