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Trend Micro patent claim provokes FOSS community, leads to boycott

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 12, 2008 04:50 PM
Per the piece, all and sundry are up in arms against Trend Micro. But it appears to me that Trend Micro is a victim here -- because it attempted to enforce a patent it legally obtained. Are the boycotters saying that they don't subscribe to US law? The impression being created that Trend Micro is a black sheep in a group of great corporate citizens may paint an incorrect picture. US Corporations take their interest first before any other interest -- the consumer's interest is way down and counted only when it alligns to the Corporate's interest. Since the Corporate's interest at most times seems to be to get more money for the same goods, and consumers interest would be to get more goods for the same money -- the two interests are in direct conflict at most times. Trend Micro has executed a business decision utilizing a benefit it has per US law, like every other corporation around. I am sure a majority of folks commenting on this issue are employed by corporates and therefore are also party to or directly involved in this form of behavior in some other situation. Therefore, in my opinion, this problem stems from the system where Corporates exercise great power and influence on society and progress but zero accountability if they screw up. Also, any attempt to patent common knowledge needs greater oversight. Lawyers and the legal profession in the interest of money simply contribute to make this process lose common sense. Any request to patent ideas and concepts should be looked at by the patent office with ultimate skepticism and patents granted only in the rarest of scenarios.


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