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A conversation with the autopackage team

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 09, 2008 04:39 AM
Who never had a "./configure, $make, $make install" problem? For geeks Autopackage is one thing more. For newbies, like me and so much others, is "The Solution 1.0". Here in Brazil, we have Volkswagens and Fiats (also a lot more, of course). Think that:
It rains. Who has a Volks and becomes a Fiat user probably will break glass cleaner switch. It's on the same side of Volks cars but rotates on the contrary way. Equals in form and in function. The second thing the user can do - if the switch is ok yet - is turn on the back cleaner. And the rain goes on and on...
This is the real problem with Linux users coming from Windows. One says: "This icon must be the intaller and ... click-click...POOF! Hi Freeze!" Ok, Linux doesn't make POOF! when I make mistakes (I got freeze sometimes...).
No problem who starts learning Linux. The most uses Windows and there are a big difficulty to change the OS. Terms, words, concepts, almost everything is different. Ok, Linux is not Windows, and I think that both are good, but different. The World needs buttons because time is money.
I think that Linux programers must look at about what the beggining users will think when choose install a driver, for example.
Who never said (or thought): "What the hell means 'No such target or directory'? I didn't ask nothing like this! I just want to install my wireless driver!!"
Linux is powerful, but one needs to be powerful to understand it at the first seeing. How many Linux foruns starts with "PLEASE! HELP ME TO INSTALL A DRIVER!"?
How many years past since Microsoft released Windows 3.1 with DOS and autoexec/config.sys-configure-boot.bat? We want to learn Linux with no breaking keyboards way of life. Congratulations to the Autopackage team. Thanks.
PS: I haven't got to install my wireless driver rt2561etc with ./configure #make #make install - still now and to use internet I had to write everything. I think that's not a good idea in this timeless World.
Just one thing: Imagine you paying something in your bank and the attendant says: "Wait a minute please! I need to write some codelines at the Bankux edition to configure your new payment file and... I do a ./configure here... and $make here... and $make install here and - Voalá! Ready? Could you turn back next Monday while computer builds everyth... Where are you? Hello-o!" You've been gone.


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