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Re(1): Seamlessly integrate XP into Linux with SeamlessRDP

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 02, 2008 03:16 AM
VMware, VirtualPC, VirtualBox, and others are emulators, because they emulate PC hardware. Just like the programs some folks use to emulate an SNES or a Playstation on a PC, these programs emulate the hardware environment well enough for the entire OS and associated applications to run unchanged. That's why they are called emulators.

WINE, on the other hand, is a complete rewrite of the various Windows APIs and system DLLs. It replicates the behavior of Windows by making equivalent system calls to the Linux kernel or the Darwin kernel in Mac OS X. The Windows applications make their function calls, and the WINE APIs turn those calls into code for the underlying OS. Theoretically, WINE should be faster for a given Windows app than an emulator such as VMware, but in practice, the reverse is usually true. PC emulators usually take longer to boot up than a natively-installed Windows on the same hardware, but then apps will usually run at speeds close to native (depending on the app). WINE takes longer for the application itself to start up, then often runs into more delays as other API functions are initialized and executed.


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