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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 01, 2008 09:21 PM
Id like to see a touch activated right side slider on the screen of the eeePC operated by the touch pad. When the top right corner is tapped the slider icon would appear allowing up down right left scrolling of the screen image. Also it looks like there are applications that use processing yet, only need occational or minimal keyboard interface. Therefor, if external mounting hardware or the noodling of embedded metal threads on the eeePC were used, it could be mounted atop a periferal with ram in or a projector, copy-fax-scaner-printer, cash register, and the piece de resistance - allow a strap to be mounted allowing a person to carry it over there sholder like they were the real mc coy. Now a bar code scanner could be use with the eeePC to provide invitory controle and a variety of other minimaly interfaced processing providing a platform for a library of industrial software applications. Providing a finner grain modularized compost can also be applied to PC's (mirror mirror be nice to your daughter cards they can become some mother boards) by making daughter cards with ram and a processor and or pci-e pins top and bottom to allow mother board sanwiching, upgrading hardware can be extended and using crossfire a low cost interface would allow I/O to run down the halls breaking thru the double pci-e ports and scream at the top of there lungs to the mother board above. chachachachachachachacha Waoo - so lets kick it and put some stank on it.


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