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Re: Efficient rsyncrypto hides remote sync data

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on February 01, 2008 02:58 PM
Perhaps it is unwise to reply to a half baked comment but... Of course if you had read the first paragraph you would see that the point of rsyncrypto is to protect information *after* it has been sent. Yes, the rsync connection is protected by ssh which would make somebody snooping packets have a hard time of it. If the attacker was on the other hand able to compromise the server you sync to, then you are done if you just use rsync and ssh. If you use rsyncrypto then the attacker only gets encrypted content by hacking into the server. Depending on how you use rsyncrypto they can see file names and maybe that you are changing some blocks of files and which blocks. Not all attacks are on the wire. This is especially true when you are rsyncing to a machine where multiple people have root access and so the "attacker" can be one of many people who snoop around more than they aught to.


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