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Gentoo's new Secret Sauce is sweet and sour

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 31, 2008 08:34 AM
"Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 01, 2007 10:34 PM
I think Gentoo has made a mistake by suddenly trying to be a newbie distro. Its strength has always been in its user base, in that base's knowledge pool. You completely take that away from it by putting it in the hands of newbies.

I don't want to sound "l33t" here, but other distros fit the bill for those users that aren't knowledgeable enough for perform the manual Gentoo install. I realize the Gentoo Installer was originally envisioned for automating the manual install (for admins' ease), but I think they made a mistake by thinking they should also tailor the installer for newbie installs.

I think Gentoo is generating a bad taste in many discussions these days particularly because of install-by-newbie discussions that didn't have pristine results.

Stick to your strengths, Gentoo... it's what made you great in the first place. Don't try to become the McDonald's of Linux... you'll just continue burying your good name in the grease. "

I disagree totally with this person's perspective, noobs need to learn somewhere, I guess you just started out knowing every fn thing? I just started out on linux based OS two days ago, and managed to install and configure, Debian, Ubuntu, and Gentoo just fine, all with Triple booting Vista, XP, and Linux. Now gonna try Sabayon. As far as previous OS, I concentrated on MS architecture and manipulation. including Vista. I've been building and designing computers and programming for 2 years now, and never touched one before that unless it was a N64 or PS2. Never went to school for any of it. I guess you could still call me a noob since I hadn't tried Linux, everyone starts somewhere. That's the beauty of Linux, so many options and platforms to learn from, Gentoo isn't difficult to grasp if you get some background from the other Linux OS's. Besides, didn't you ever ask someone for help on something when you started out or did you go to school for that? Some people don't always have a mommy and daddy to pay for their misused college yrs. The great thing about noob's is some of them actually want to learn. Maybe Gentoo wanted to get those people in on what they're missing, instead of dickn around with a useless OS like Vista. I think a lot Linux OS are striving to open people's eyes on a diversified choice of OS's. The mentality has been Microgates is the only OS for everyone. SO in the process, they intended for the installation process easier for the average person. Maybe they didn't get it all there to 100 percent, but godamn it they tried. And if people like you keep whining about your Linux OS trying "to be the McDonald's", then what the fk is Microsoft. OK let them win huh dipshit?! No offense. Oh by the way the Gentoo install was a breez. Can't wait to try Sabayon. In two days I've totally switched to Linux OS's. Can you imagine if that many more people realized what their missing out on? Instead of giving the WGA shaft to the customers, MicroGates would be taking the Genuine Advantage in the arse. Lol. L8r olbs


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