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Indywiki: A visual browser for Wikipedia

Posted by: Markos Gogoulos on January 30, 2008 12:48 PM
Nice :) thanks for suggestions. These are issues I'm working on and there are many features that are going to be added. For example, a search can return results from more that one wikipedias, by taking care of the translations data wikipedia provides for each article (eg paris probably has more info on the French wikipedia, than on the main one) . Regarding the text, it is true that text only isn't ideal . I am trying to keep some of the html tags, as links, bold, italic etc. It proves that it is not so easy to get the html data correctly out of the mediawiki markup, but eventually this will happen in feature versions. Aesthetics still remains a big issue, we have to find out better and more attractive ways to present the data, without the application getting very heavy. One mentioned the OLPC, I would love to see indywiki playing on OLPC, I'm skeptical though since qt is rather heavy for that platform and I don't know if it's even included.


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