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Firestarter linux firewall configurator rocks - elcheapo routers blow

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 30, 2008 08:18 AM
I know there are several linux firewalls out there, or rather programs that configure iptables for you, but I've found Firestarter useful as it shows whats going on in your log file. The program does crash occasionally I've found, but it handily shows a red systemtray icon when it detects an unsolicited packet or connection.

WRT elcheapo routers/firewalls... My lan is behind a consumer firewall. I have a specific machine for internet p2p inside the firewall and have noticed, from using Firestarter, that my desktop and all my other machines get hammered by unsolicited packets when I'm p2ping. I've not yet figured out how packets from random ports make it through my router when I've been careful with the firewall configuration... (I've changed the WAN MAC, the WAN MTU and the default remote admin port, and kept it disabled). I'm considering ditching the firewall in preference to a linux box for firewall/NAT - I've had unwelcome visitors inside my lan with 3 brands of consumer firewalls and suspect that the black hats are getting good at reading firewall firmware. If you p2p I would recommend you check your logs regularly.


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