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Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 29, 2008 05:25 PM
i installed from the gutsy ppa on apt, so i actually have both 3.5 and 4 on the same system. ive been playing around with it quite a bit and surprisingly have yet to find any major problems. overall it is quite stable for a dev release.

krunner and kickoff are absolutely excellent; the exact kind of features ive been looking for. i can finally get to everything very quickly without the hassle. i like to develop and ill generally use an IDE like eclipse or kDevelop, often running a python or jython interpreter, taking a quick look through docs, making small edits to images, testing code, etc. normally i end up with a bunch of launchers and custom menus on my panel. the 'favorites','recent apps', and app typing are a godsend. features like 'gg: search_criteria' are extremely simple and effective. these types of innovative ideas are exactly what we need to see.

for those that made mention of lack of features, we should consider that the more we have present, the more variables are inserted into the equation. first we need to address the core issues and primary features. bug testing would become much more involved since there would be many more places to track bugs from. i dont think for a second that KDE would ever leave out all those added tweaks and functionally that made KDE so great in the first place from the general release. if they much such a critical mistake as this, KDE4 would likely lose the majority of users coming from 3.5, myself included. i want something flexible, powerful, and customizable; not some toy just for watching videos, playing games and web surfing.

anyways, im expecting to see KDE4 turn into an amazing desktop. congrats to the team on a clear success. perhaps its even time to get involved in the project myself :)

-- jyaan --

ps {if you want to add programs to the panel, right click items from the menu just like in kde3}


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