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Commentary: ISO should kick OOXML off the standards bus

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 27, 2008 09:23 PM
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with your conclusions, but let's make sure we stay straight on the underlying facts ... the statement 'Microsoft ... asserts that the discussion should be only technical in nature' is wrong. This is an ISO/IEC requirement limiting the scope of the discussion at the Geneva BRM. The purpose of the BRM is to attempt to arrive at a final text for the Draft International Standard for the consideration of voting bodies, hence the requirement to confine the discussion to its technical points. Whether or not there are concerns about (e.g.) IP issues, or compatibility with other Standards - or indeed the standardization process in this case - may be taken into account by the voting members of ISO's JTC1 committee in the 30-day period after the BRM, to determine their final vote to accept or reject the DIS as an ISO Standard. And for that matter, Microsoft has no right to assert *anything about the process - the DIS is a proposal to ISO by Ecma International to adopt Ecma-376 (an Ecma Standard) as an ISO Standard. Sure, there may be strong views out there on the relationship between Ecma and Microsoft but I'm not going there.


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