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Alexandria: Book cataloging the way it should be

Posted by: Joseph Method on January 23, 2008 06:59 PM
Hi, thanks for the mention and the mostly positive review. As one of the administrators of Alexandria, I'd like to mention a few things:

1) We have a 0.6.2 release now, with a deb. Many stability issues (segfaults, etc.) in 0.6.1 were caused by ruby-gnome2 0.15, so make sure to use 0.16, which is included with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

2) Alexandria is a project that has been trying to pull out of a tailspin for a very long time. With the new release, we've finally got things moving again. The good news is that the codebase originally written by Laurent Sansonetti and others is IMO very well written. Anyone interested in Ruby or Gnome programming would do well to study Alexandria's code.

3) We love handing out commit access. If you're looking for an opensource project to contribute to, we're very open to working with different levels of programming experience. Just announce yourself on the list.


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