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on the sholders of giants

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 22, 2008 08:48 PM
Rather than hurling invective vituperations as one who has resigned defeat and as for spite seeks to intimidate the last of their once throng of support, but can pave the way for encaustic encomiums like a jeweled case with a diamond ring inside, one must first design the goal. Hardware and software specific to an automated task is sensable were a lack of humman involvment is perfered. Now it can be seen that if the objective is humman acceptance through involvement, that an intuitive interface is the key. Google has demonstrated the input box as a reasonable primitive and I would concure suggesting that a learning aid using the DOM and OOS as a model be used to build and demonstrate the workings of a computer from its most primitive beginings. First use the input box, connect it to annother box so type in the first box shows up in the second thus demonstating input. The second box should be sizeable (describing memory space) and incremental additional features should be available like a programe pointer and registers that can be used for instuction input that interact with data registers that can perform micro-instructions to build opperation files that can be labled as instructions. A compiler should translate ones practice device into a virtual hardware demonstration that could eventualy be placed on an fpga. These files could be kept in a library of files among them could be standard hardware components such signal proccessors, micro controlers, PLA's and standard cpu and gpu chips allowing hand compiled programing. To one input box a feature could atach another box were a translation is shown such as binary or hex to get a feel of what the computer actualy is doing. Not only would such a project help teach computer science, it would provide a better understanding of hardware to the programer helping them to negotiate cluster programing as a shaded glen insted of a bewildering maloderous missadventure.


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