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The Free Software hardliner, the corporation, and the shotgun wedding

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 21, 2008 01:10 PM
[QUOTE]That view is about as far wrong as you can possibly get. The GPL was designed to be divisive and restrict distribution of any number of combinations of components from the start - and it has succeeded perfectly in keeping a free operating system from becoming a suitable replacement for an expensive one because all the necessary code can never be included.[/QUOTE]

Huh! Like the BSD license you mean? Which allows MicroSerfs to copy an entire TCP stack, "hack" it into Whinedoze, NOT return meagre improvements (bugs most likely, so it's probably a good thing anyway) and claim it's their own?

The GPL license is the single most potent copyright license that PREVENTS corporates from stealing code. It isn't divisive. It's protective. Not including binary blobs is a different matter - although not at all bad. Don't confuse your license with your Distribution's choice of components.

If you wish to include binary blobs, you can do it yourself. And please also keep it to yourself. And maintain it yourself.

Ah - maintain. If you were indeed to maintain a binary blob integration into any Free software, you would understand the practical reality of the situation.

What've you been drinking mate?


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