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A problem of critical mass.

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 18, 2008 08:16 AM
Autopackage is having a chicken and egg problem. No one creates autopackages because no users uses it. No one uses it because there is a limited number of autopackages. They're hoping upstream devs will make autopackages for their own software but there isn't enough users to make it worthwhile.

The autopackage devs need to kickstart this cycle and reach critical mass faster. Based on the interview, they're hoping this kickstart will be on the demand (user) side by distros supporting them. I don't see this happening. The distros have nothing to gain but added support costs due to two installation mechanisms.

I feel a better solution is the supply (package) side. They need to start packaging autopackages themselves. Provide an easy infrastructure to maintain/update those packages. Perhaps they could use GoboLinux (already abstracted dir paths) or pkgsrc (very portable) or arch (AUR is nice for maintaining). Once there is a reasonable supply of packages there will be interest on the user side. I doubt the supply side will come for the commercial world. They only react to demand.


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