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mixing it up

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 16, 2008 11:30 PM
Statigicaly it would seem an advantage if only by marketing standards if all proprietary software could run open source as well. That sword cuts both ways I suppose. There is an obvious and persistant value in a pristine open system. Dialog- my grand pappy used to say to et well it sometimes helps to mix things up. It's interesting how successfull media is often a mixture as if a ying and yang duality allmost a validation of Heisenberg. Television news often harks from jurnalism talk shows often have host that were dancers or commedians or just have red hair or are from Austrailia their is a dual component at work. A popular talk show reminded me how components become the essence. So video game or virtualization wether systems or graphic models could simply contain a story heap, a motion framwork structure, and a library of both open, free, and commertial applications that hang on the frames and thereby could be developed independantly to provide charicture images wether creatures or objects used as creature habitation. They could be taged with a licences and a filter would provide or prevent missability as well pipe tabs to create documentation like film credits. Context free verse- Remenicence, Lapuslapusey, rinestone cowboy, emeraled belly dancer, red carpet, ingnited,reflecting upon the mirored glass smoth serfaces I started to the hard edge stacatoed accented, pop click as from a fantasy sodafest from the throng of photographers creating a heady spectical of delirium for all in attendance. For those in the states if only the media who may miss award cerrimony..


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