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LightZone 3.3 beta offers pro photo manipulation for Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 16, 2008 03:53 AM
I have to ask where the author got the idea that The GIMP is a general purpose image editor? Go back to The GIMP, and have a look for any real art tools. Even the UI buttons have photography images in them. Have you ever heard of an artist using a pipette? That is a tool that photographers use. Artists just look at that "eyedropper" blankly wondering what on earth it is for. So please, be my guest, go compare the toolsets of TVPaint, Corel Painter, or systems like Quantel. You will find that the average artist that uses The GIMP is blissfully unaware that superior tools are available.

The GIMP does not even include Animation tools as do 50% of all the real artists tools since 1988.

Yes, I CAN create art on The GIMP if I were to put the time and effort in. I COULD create a great fine art piece (as others have done) by smearing my own feces on canvas. The feces is harder to work with and does not give the same vibrant colour as oil paint does. But like The Gimp, my feces is free, so there is more than one way to compare The GIMP to my feces.

You will find the serious artists flocking to Linux when (or IF) there is a real art tool on Linux. A real artist is not a Linux, or FOSS fanatic first, and hobbyist second.

It is time to fork The GIMP for the artists sake.


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