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KDE 4.0.0 = development framework ready, not desktop ready

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 15, 2008 02:34 PM
KDE 4 is built over a cross-platform widget (Qt 4), multimedia (Phonon) and hardware (Solid) frameworks. A lot of work is involved, and Amarok, Konqueror and Okular (former KPDF) were already ported over Windows and OSX. Amarok was ported in 2 days to OSX and could have been ported faster, according to developers.

Phonon allows a media player to use GStreamer or Xine on Linux/BSD, Quicktime on OSX and DirectShow on Windows without changing code. Same goes for Solid, which will allow use of removable devices, Bluetooth, WiFi, ACPI on all supported OSes. And have a look at the impressive Decibel framework.

There's much to be said about KDE4 besides Plasma and SVG rendering, but reviewers aren't looking in the right place.

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