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KDE 4 revises the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 15, 2008 05:11 AM
You know that the KDE team has n o originality, no creativity, and no leadership when all they can do is steal a list of features from other major operating systems. These features may work adequately, or even pretty well on their host OS when used with the other UI tools on that OS, but to mix them all together is madness. This is just a "me too" mentality. It is OK for GNOME to copy Windows closely, there is a place in this world for that, but there is a place for someone to ask if all these program launch options, the wasted space, and the huge dead areas in the window decoration (sorry, "toolset" {sarcasm}), and between the icons is really needed. In fact the current growth of the Linux Desktop is most certainly on mobile machines with tiny LCD screens. For the sake of the user, why have one third of every window taken up by a huge mass of worthlessness? Not every user now, or in the future will be using 1900x1200. Even those people who do have 1900x1200 may chose to put that screen resolution to better use than a bloated interface. Please leave useless screen garbage to those who do it so well... like Apple.


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