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KDE 4 -- Just lost the war! Move over!

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 14, 2008 09:39 PM
Early on in my nearly decade long interest in GNU/Linux (since MS announced product activation) KDE was by far preferable to Gnome. It did have some serious core problems which had prevented my --and those I support-- switch from Windows to GNU/Linux. Gnome was just plain awful when viewed from the perspective of people coming from Windows. The hope was, that in time, KDE would fix those core usability issues and broken/incomplete features.

This morning I downloaded and checked out the kubuntu-kde4 iso mentioned in today's DistroWatch weekly. To say that I was disappointed would be an extreme understatement. I can only assume that the KDE team has taken up praying to their crack-pipes when searching for inspiration. Not only did they not fix the original usability issues that KDE has always had, in spite of the myriad of adjustment available to the user, but they have made them even worse than ever and have removed even what saving grace they once had.

On the other side of the coin, however, Gnome has been moving in the right direction. Even though they haven't changed their conservative view where user available settings are concerned, they've apparently been listening to the users. At least when their desktop has a feature, it works properly. I recently learned that one of what I had considered a core problem with KDE was now a properly working feature of Gnome.

Bottom line? Gnome seems to be moving in the right direction by trying to make Windows users more comfortable, while KDE, under what is obviously extremely poor leadership by incompetents such as Aaron Seigo and others, are off making some fanciful, unusable, nightmare desktop that fills the needs of absolutely nobody but themselves and their own over inflated egos. You folks have only succeeded in wasting my time while hoping your heads would fall out of your backsides. Now, either get back to the basics (core) or just get out of the way.
If Gnome would like to further cater to the needs of prospective Windows defectors who like many people, like Windows just fine, but hate Microsoft and their intrusive,heavy handed EULA's, they could (please) offer an easily selectable Windows-Classic layout/theme option.


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