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KDE 4 revises the desktop

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 14, 2008 09:30 PM
The new panel is far more flexible than the old Kicker panel (I stayed with GNOME precisely because I hate Kicker, but used KDE's desktop, Amarok, Konqueror etc. from within GNOME). Kicker was pretty much hardcoded for the default configuration, and the code has rotted into an unmaintainable soup. The new panel, however, is simply one of the desktop widgets. From a code level it is a hell of a lot more flexible (Google for kde4 plasma containments), but in the same way that a debootstrap install of Debian is incredibly flexible; it is a functioning base that isn't much to shout about. However, unlike KDE3's reliance on Kicker, the panel icons and applets and things are all desktop widgets too, so someone can write a new panel widget without having to replace or wrap around the old panel widgets, because they'll all just work.

Has anyone downloaded some Wiki software? There's no point complaining to the makers that you just get a working Wiki with no content, because that's what it's meant to be. KDE 4.0 is saying "Here, we've spent years making these abstractions and APIs and libraries for you, and now they are ready. Here you go, make stuff with them, knock yourself out."

I think instead of complaining and saying how the old system is better (why don't you use it then, it's free and out there to download?) users should rephrase their comments into ideas for improvements (so instead of "I can't resize the panel" why not "If the widget handles were reworked to make sense on the panel then it could be resized"?)

By the way, the Oxygen widget theme looks incredibly sexy. KWin's composite effects fail pretty badly on my laptop's setup though (Ubuntu with fglrx and XGL :( )

- Warbo


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