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Re: Picasa 2.7 still highly flawed

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 13, 2008 12:44 AM
Ok i am gonna come out and say it, i love Picasa. Its by far the most appropriate tool for managing my photo/image collection.

Good things:

It uses flat text .ini files to save db data and metadata such as favourites, hidden photos and the like. This is particularly good if you dual boot like i do as both my instance of Picasa in Windows and in Ubuntu are in sync with each other.

Its interface is so great, very usable.

It provides a sane degree of photo editing tools. If i need to do more complicated things i can just open files in the GIMP or PS.

It can render PSD files. I havent come across many Linux apps that will accurately do this. Even the GIMP fails in this regard with many more complex PSD files. Picasa excels, and moreover can render PSD files very quickly.

It has a smooth interface, even on linux everything glides beautifully. This is just the way images should be viewed. Moreover, Picasa's slideshow is by far one of the nicest around, having such a lovely fade into the next image that does not suffer from the vertical sync jitter issues i have seen in many native linux apps.

It catalogues images in a way that makes sense to me. By folder and by date. No wierd paradigms ala F-Spot.

Picasa, its fast! Faster than F-Spot on my system, it can import my entire collection in no time.

Anyway i am happy Google is extending a degree of support for Picasa on Linux. Sure things can be better (native), but Picasa via wine is still an incredible application to use and is a tribute to all the hardwork put in by the WINE folks.


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