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Find the items you want with GNOME Do

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 11, 2008 07:47 PM
I think all the authors of these launchboxes should take a look at the MS Win app Slickrun: ..... It have some tricks up it sleeve that are very useful..... Define *your own* magic words very easily using this simple dialog box: ....... It let you start multimple apps using a single word with a @multi@ parameter ....... Finding the exec of an app to add is as simple as dragging the eyedropper tool to the window of the desired app ........ The start mode drop down let you choose if the app should be started *Normal*, *Maximized* or *Minimized* ......... You get a nice list of your current "magic words". Very easy to find and modify: ......... It might not look as good as the alternatives, but is more powerful in some ways ........ PS, how the hell do you get proper formating in these comments? Tried both Firefox/Opera and HTML/BBCode ....


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