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Ubuntu Tweak off to a good start

Posted by: DylanMcCall on January 11, 2008 03:45 AM
To those claiming that this is an example of "bad design" in GNOME: This is a small third-party tool precisely because these options are unimportant to the majority of users. Flipping through here for the heck of it, I have changed a single thing (wheel on window title gives me the Shade action). Other than that, GNOME has done an excellent job of choosing sane defaults. If anything, this tool shows how GNOME has done simple interface properly. On the other hand, Windows' TweakUI is something I could not live without.

Besides that, most of the stuff in Ubuntu Tweak is really just extra configuration that happens to have good effect, such as in the Compiz Fusion section.

It would be cool if Gconf-editor got some love, and I think that would be a great place to unload some effort. Perhaps an entirely new program, since the existing one definitely feels more difficult than is necessary. Gconf gives us some really great tools to present that editor in a user-friendly manner, and they just have to be applied nicely with friendliness in mind :)


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