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Pan - a feature-rich newsreader for Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 09, 2008 07:17 PM
I agree Pan is an good newsreader, i am using verson 132, and would like to view gif files as intended, rather than seeing them as static image files... But lack of Usenet posting is a major oversite. I miss the ability to have seperate server, as version

Since Pan does not post images to binary NGs, other than eveloution, and Knode what Linux Usenet posting package with a GUI are avaiable... How is it possible to post a Linux distro, with par2 reduncy, and the SFV files used in the Usenet... I can not seem to find a Linux Usenet posting package with a GUI other than Knewspost that was not brought forward from KDE 2 and apears to be inactive... I am new Linux user, but find it difficult to believe their are not a dozen Usenet posting packages for Linux operating system...

Also where are the Debian newgroups, to locate and ask for software packages compiled for the 64-bit etch/stable chain? Is the Usenet not know in the Linux world?



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