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When Enlightenment met Ubuntu

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 07, 2008 05:51 PM
I have never touched Ubuntu. I hate the name, I despise the look and the sheer (in my opinion) undeserved attention it has garnered is a real turn-off. However...I am test-driving Geubuntu as we speak and I am quite impressed considering the checkered reputation of e17 for being nearly unusable due to bugs. I find Geubuntu to be quite stable, feature-filled w/o being bloated and oh-so pretty to look at. However, I am endlessly frustrated with attempts to tailor my visual interface to suit my needs. Not only do you have the e17 configuration dialogs, you have the Gnome Appearance dialogs as well...and they don't appear to play together very well. The window borders, as far as I can tell, can only be set as one of the available e17 borders and the colors cannot be customized. (If I'm wrong, I would love for someone to instruct me!). Frankly, the e17 customization options appear to be endless....if you can figure out how to use them. I consider myself a fairly computer-savvy person and yet I'm lost when trying to tinker with my look. These problems are ironic since those who would be attracted to a distro such as Geubuntu obviously are into eye candy and easy and endless customization options are a must. So why is it so difficult to do? I would suggest a serious attempt on the developer's parts to integrate all the options into a cohesive set of dialogs. In my book, this would make Geubuntu close to perfect.


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