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Blender Anyone?

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 06, 2008 07:49 PM
Cinelerra and all of the other half baked Linux projects are not even close to the ability of Blender.

It has the NLE component, and more importantly -- the nodal editor.

Give up on the half baked projects and get behind Blender please. Notable assets for use in a professional project:
1) OpenEXR - de facto standard in _professional_ Visual Effects circles.
2) Amazingly versatile and easily modified nodal editor subsystem. Includes a good number of useful nodes while expanding at a blistering pace.
3) Fully customizable and GL accelerated interface to meet the needs of a variety of workflows. It offers an extremely professional feeling environment without all of the K / G clunk.
4) 16bpc and _higher_ bpc support. Export support in development.

The biggest gap holding back Linux editing at this point is knowledge. The non-whole framerate patch is in on Blender and DVC100 patches just hit ffmpeg's SVG thanks to Maas work.

For the sake of Free Software motion picture editing, please consider Blender.


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