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n f(n) g(f(n))

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 04, 2008 11:15 PM
This, if not allready available is a recomendation to develop a musical notation language that can be easily typed and sent as chat or email. I will apply by anonimity or creative common or GPL the release of this idea as a way to promote its development by way of De Jure as well to preempt De Facto adoption. It should use as many commonly used musical notations such as a period to repeat. It should contain short hand to replicate the last expresion and beat paterns or use an indexed list. (1= F, 2=G#, 3=/C#FG#C#/, i'm using /*/ to encapsulate a chord and / to express the previous expresion as a repetive application, 4=/D#G#A#C#/, 5=/D#F#G#C/)=index. So applied as notation [1/3/ /3/ // 2/3/ /3/ // /4/ /// /5/ ///.]=musical expresion. Also it should allow simply stating Cmaj or Dmin or dim7 etc. The perpose is to make available a redily available library of musical terms that can give a person access to music using a parcer similar to XML or the ham morse code alphabet to audiable dot dot dash expresion. Now one could type Cmaj perhaps as *'crt' XML header 'crt' 'crt' music_parcer 'crt' Cmaj 'crt' music_parcer/'crt' 'crt' XML header/'crt' and end up with a brouser page with Cmaj writen on it and a sound library that plays the chord when a play button is clicked. Cmaj /// would be played four times. A timing meter vocabulary would be needed perhaps the smallest expression equal to 1 and powers of 2 indexed so 1/16=1 2=1/8 that would make 16 a whole note so 16/Cmaj/ is a whole note and this mite be defined in the XML header. 8/*/+4 mite be a doted half note. By making an intuitive and more importantly simply available library available especialy within a brouser, people interested in music are given access to its reasonable expression. Loops could be perchased to advertize instument mfg. or artists playing a note so you could have a popular instumentalist strike the notes of your song. By a person being exposed to musical terms that are as closely related to actual music notation such as (Cmin 4th dim6th) are able to learn proper music theory and expression. A program in the brouser mite creat a graphical map of your song using fonts that can be pieced together to show your song on a musical staff with meter notation. A beat pattern mite be 2/ 4/ // 2/ = to (dot dash dash dash dot). *I'm using 'crt' as less than or grater than, probably should use some [altC] type charicter. Now one could play hangman as guessing at a musical tune phrase.


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