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Scribus: Professional page layout for Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 03, 2008 07:15 PM
The author of this article adds further proof that the way Scribus versions are being presented to potential users is simply NOT clear. I know, the developers are EXTREMELY generous and well intentioned, but this point has been a P.R. nightmare for WAY too long.

Please accept the fact that most new users DON'T search the archives or immerse themselves in version history. They obviously don't understand the distinctions developers are trying to make by having multiple versions available for download. Yes, we realize that YOU think they should know better, but they just don't get it and never will. So it is up to the developers/promoters to do a better job of labeling the versions so new users and reviewers don't give poor reports based on their own iffy results.

Downloaders should see a HUGE warning sign that states in no uncertain terms that:

1. This is a new, unfinished version. Some features won't work consistently or at all.
2. Files created in or imported into this version may not ever be usable in other versions.
3. If you want to use Scribus for real production work, use version (?)
4. Scribus version 1.3.4 is not going to get better, as problems found there are only being addressed in 1.3.5
5. Version 1.3.5 should have major improvements, and the current estimate is that it might be available in 3rd quarter 2008 (or whatever)
6. If you have input that can help the cause, please .... (whatever)

But since some users will get Scribus through packages or other channels rather than the 2 main download sources, maybe even have a splash screen on program launch (which can be turned off on demand) or on software install that CLEARLY says something like - Scribus is a work in progress, and exists in several versions at once. Some versions are stable, and other newer versions have more features but have not proven reliable for production work yet. This version you are about to install may not be right for you. Please see the options available at (or wherever) before you install this software. Then, if you want to install, click here now.

Don't know how anyone can keep various packagers from including the bleeding edge versions of Scribus in Linux distros and such when the stable version is almost always a better choice for end users, but that is another matter.


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