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Scribus: Professional page layout for Linux

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 03, 2008 03:33 PM
I had to install 1.3.4 because of needing crop marks and bleeds ( doesn't have that ability). From reading the Scribus mailing list, I've deduced that 1.3.5 is available and more stable (yes, 1.3.4 stinks in that regard - I save very often!) but as of yet can't figure out where to get it...

There is no set date yet for the next stable release - the developers want to reach all of their version goals before releasing it. Whenever it is though, I look forward to it! It will be a fabulous program next stable release.

An important point to remember here is, DTP is an insanely complex thing. I'm just happy I can do it on Linux now. I generally use it for posters, postcards and brochures. (Newly learned lesson: use Krita for your print photos - NOT Gimp!)


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