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First newsletter - at the printers

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 02, 2008 06:46 PM
We just finished our first Scribus based newsletter, this is from using PageMaker for the past 4 years and Ready Set Go before that. The transition wasn't too bad, most of the work is settign up the new template and getting fonts Moved Over (Pagemaker was an OS9 version and Scribus is running in OSX).

Without the nice plugins for gridspacing (now added to scribus) it took a little time on the spreadsheet to calculate my spacing. Setting up the paragraph styles was painless but necessary as applying formatting on the fly is a stumbling block for scribus (and in some sense this is good, as it enforces consistency)

File mangement is way different, as images cannot be embedded into the file like they could be with PageMaker, but once the concet was understood it was easy to transition. Spellchecking would be a nice feature which is in the works. PDF creation is top rate as well as the built-in preflight check of the doument (printing or PDF) On an Intel Mac Mini w/Tiger we used the beta version which worked great (sluggish and a bit wobbly in fine positioning, but you get used to it) with sufficient RAM, only crashes were during quit (seems to be after a successful save)

Our motivation for the transition? We could only afford the one License for PageMaker but could install scribus anywhere (and I can also edit on my Linux Laptop, which works fine BTW). From what I saw Scribus was kinda bad two years ago and now quite usable, who knows what improvements will be made by next year.
If you want to compare look at our newsletters at - the January/February 2008 is from Scribus, older ones are from PageMaker- the massive size difference is due to images not scaled down before including (getting used to the new program). As far as color we print in B&W so that is also currently a non-issue for us. (Disclaimer - we don't pretend to be professional DTP people.)


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