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Not everyone who uses Scribus wants to publish a book...

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 02, 2008 05:00 PM
I've just used Scribus to produce the cover/inlays for a CD project. The duplicators required the artwork as a 300dpi PDF for printing from, and Scribus was able to produce this to their satisfaction. (Thankfully they didn't ask for CMYK separations - I get the idea you have to compile Scribus with this option enabled, as the Ubuntu package doesn't seem to have CMYK output included. I stand to be corrected.)

Anyway, Scribus is now capable in certain situations of producing print-ready artwork that can actually be used and look good, even if the app still has some way to go before it can match the features of the 'big boys' (which are usually expensive commercial programs with years of development behind them).

Mind you, if I was planning to produce a book, I'd probably use LaTeX anyway ;-)


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