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Create an MP3 file server using Amarok and ObsidianMusic

Posted by: Anonymous [ip: unknown] on January 02, 2008 06:16 AM
Installed Obsidian to use with PostgreSQL and Amarok, just to see what it did. Several problems. First, why in the world should one have to change an $enabled=false line in the application to turn it on? Shouldn't it ship with this value set to true? On certain queries (Browse Albums, Browse By Letter), it returned PHP/PostgreSQL errors because the author used a REGEXP keyword in his queries that I've never heard of in PostgreSQL. Do they only test MySQL? When one selects a song, it opens a dialog box to ask if you want to save the song or open it with Amarok. That's just silly. And although Amarok would play a given song on its own, it did not appear to want to play the song when fed the information from Obsidian. But really, Obsidian doesn't appear to be worth much. It mostly provides a way to browse your playlist(s) in various ways from a web interface. Very weak.
Paul M. Foster


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