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Watch online video? Get Miro

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on January 01, 2008 03:32 AM
What the crap is this? They call videos 'channels'. A video is not a channel. I expected to find a bunch of streams and instead its a bunch of FILES! This is not internet TV or content that changes, its a bunch of FILES. A video is not a CHANNEL. A CHANNEL, to borrow a well worn and defined expression, is either a frequency or a conduit through which things pass. Its not a FILE!!! A stupid dumb file sitting on a server that must take up valuable space and TIME downloading. Where are the streams? Joost? Blows! You click on National Geographic and it says sorry try later, and what is there is blurry and there are pauses and skips. I know where to get files, and I know where the ones are that are encoded how I like, that I will focus on and plan time to download and watch like a discriminating viewer. Sorry folks, Miro has come up drastically short for me, though others may totally like it. Am I wrong here? Where are the streams?


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