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Gosh, gOS is good

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 30, 2007 07:30 PM
I dowloaded gOs several hours ago with gOs dual partitioned with Windows XP. Everything seems to work fine so far! Last week, I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 and worked with it for three days. I found the native Ubuntu to be somewhat irritating at times and eventually went back to Windows XP (I had Ubuntu installed on the entire hard drive). Today, after installing gOs, I find it much easier to work with than the native Ubuntu (I'm new to Linux). Since gOs is based on Ubuntu, I figured that Linspire's CNR Warehouse would work also, so I downloaed CNR. So far, CNR is working fine with gOs and I downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird to test it. Thunderbird downloaded just as it was suppose to. I was surprised in that when I downloaded a few apps with Ubuntu, I had a very difficult time finding those apps that I downlooded and some I just could not find at all. I figured that those problems were just due to me being new to Linux.
The really surprising thing is, I find gOs much easier to work with than Linspire! I actually paid for and downloaded Linspire 6.0 figuring that Linspre would be the easiest way to transition to Linux....wrong! In all actuality, I found Ubuntu easier to work with than Linspire, and now gOs easier than Ubuntu. Of course, much of this may be due to the different windows managers, such as Linspire's KDE and Ubuntu's Gnome.
In conclusion, I think gOs is by far the most user friendly linux distro out there, and for me, Enlightenment DR17 the easier of the windows managers. I highly recommend gOs to anyone looking to transition from MS Windows to Linux!!!!!!


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