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A visual GRUB configuration editor

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on December 26, 2007 10:15 PM
Where is the Grub ? er.... boot .? ... errrr what was my boot sequence ??

I have several kernels on several partitions:

I bootup the kernel and filesystem on part 5. However,

I often forget the actual boot used is on 3.. But I have 1 set as active.

Since I have a kernel on 5, I also have a /boot on 5 -- which I do NOT use !!

So I sometimes forget what is where... i.e there's nothing

to help me determine what my real boot equence is !!

Did I put the kernel boot on part 3 and keep the MBR *original* ?

or did I put the boot on the *extended* part or the logical part.

While a gui to config a boot is really a good idea, it would be most helpul for
it to track, record and display the whole actual boot chain. And find other
potentials on other partitions in standard places. i.e. check each part to see
if a boot/chain is in any of the partitions boot sector, used or unused ..



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